Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hey, guess what people? Nobody won the contest. How so not fun. Transporter 2, Flightplan and The Eighteenth Angel were all popular guesses, and believe me guys, I wish I'd been drunk during them. But alas, the actual answer was....

[...wait for it...]

[...keep waiting...]

[, it's not Waiting......]

[...really, I promise it's not Waiting... -- I was only drunk the second time I saw that...]

[...please don't ask why I saw Waiting... twice...]

...The Lady Eve. That's right, I was tits-up drunk on a bottle of red wine and a rocks glass of Hennessey during Preston Sturges's astonishing masterpiece of screwball comedy. Now you know. Did it change your life? Probably not. Anyway, carry on folks. I'll let you know when I think of something else fun to do. Hee-hee.

(P.S.: Sorry this took so long to get to -- I've been on vacation. I promise not to slack off in the future. My fingers are crossed.)


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