Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Eighteenth Angel (1998)

Jesus, this movie fuckin' sucked. It's a load of incompetent nonsense about a rogue order of monks kidnapping kids in an attempt to resurrect Satan, and all it proves is that while Satan may have all the good tunes, he also gets stuck with a lot of the worst movies. Rachel Leigh Cook naturally fits into this film's hellish direct-to-video existence, but both Christopher McDonald and Stanley Tucci deserve better than this booga-booga bullshit. Boring, illogical, about as frightening as a bunny warren; when did watching this become a good idea in my head?

Grade: D-


Blogger Xaphiris said...

Hey man, I was looking for the movie everywhere and eventually read your post.

Yeah I know you wrote it four years ago but is there any way you could help me get my hands on a rip or something? I'd appreciate it.

7:00 PM  

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