Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Waiting... (2005)

It's not that funny. That's really all that can be said. I know that's lazy criticism, but what else can be said about a comedy which sets up a Clerks-style dead-end-hell comedy with dark, melancholy undertones and proceeds to completely ignore all that in favor of dick jokes? (And yeah, Clerks had dick jokes too, but it at least slipped those in within the framework of its purgatorial nightmare.) Ryan Reynolds's aggressive flippancy is starting to grow on me, and Luiz Guzman has a relaxed sense of timing, but this still fails to generate anything other than occasional low-grade amusement. (Maybe it's because Anna Faris is given nothing to do.) Scenes bump into one other with little reason or rhythm, much like a bad TV pilot. If you stumbled across this on Cinemax, it might seem amiably crappy, but to leave the house and pay to see it seems perverse.

Grade: C-


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