Monday, February 02, 2009

Reports of my death, it seems, have been greatly exaggerated.

This site's still going away... but I'm not. Mainly because I realized that, without a website, I can't participate in The Third Annual White Elephant Blogathon. And nobody wants to miss out on that.

What has chafed about this, what I can't really keep up with, is the reviewing load. When you try to review everything you watch, it gets burdensome. Yet I didn't really feel that crunch until several years in, and changing the format just seemed wrong to me. At least, it does here. No one's to say that we can't get a fresh start elsewhere, though. So I've done just that. This will likely be a far more informal venture - just me riffing on movies, music, booze, whatever else. In other words, more like an everyday blog. Exciting, I know.

I have thus taken a page from the Matt Prigge playbook. For those still interested, this is my new home. See you in the funny pages...