Thursday, March 20, 2008

Olga's Dance Hall Girls (1969)

* PT: Whichever housewife bimbo is doing the narration. Wadpaw: To shake off her housewife boredom and make some extra cash.

* The triple-feature curse of Something Weird strikes again: On their special-edition triple-feature DVDs, the third film will almost always be worthless. (Other examples of this phenomenon include The Brick Dollhouse and Zero in and Scream.)

* Um, hey, what the fuck? Where's Aubrey Campbell? Where's Joseph P. Mawra? How is this in any way a proper Olga film? I call shenanigans, goddammit.

* This seems to have been made by people with only a vague understanding of the Olga series. Olga and her brother Nick are in the film, but they're played by different actors and have different personalities. There's a voiceover, but it's generic rather than the half-cracked purplish insanity of previous entries, and there's far too many synch-sound scenes. Naked girls show up, but instead of being whipped, whored out and force-fed drugs, they're dancing spastically. The people who made this know the notes but not the music.

* Not only has Nick's personality changed from malevolently fey to unctuous, but his name might have changed too -- though the narration refers to him as Nick, dialogue scenes have him called Vince. What the fuck.

* There's a last-minute jump into Satanism (foreshadowed by the opening voiceover's promise of "a journey through modern supersitions"), which should be at least goofily entertaining but instead smells like a desperate attempt to salvage a story that had nothing going on in it save for lots of bad dancing.

* One bright side: It's short. Real short. Thank Christ.

Grade: D-


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