Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Godson (1971)

Silly softcore cash-in on the popularity of The Godfather doesn't look like anything resembling a good movie, but that rather comes with the territory. The standards needed to judge a film like this, in which things like acting, story and dialogue are secondary to the prevalence of flesh, are different than those used for films with actual aspirations. So what do we get? There is indeed copious nudity, mostly female though the occasional pasty male butt or cock shot also wanders on frame, so there's that. The sex is unerotic, but it is quite amusing, what with the hilariously "spicy" post-dubbing and the frantic, sweaty gyrations being so amped up. Furthermore, the acting and dialogue are just funny enough to enjoy in a back-handed sort of way without becoming tiresome or annoying. On the downside, the film's ninety-four minute running time is too extended, especially considering the plot is all suggestion, tenuous connections and the occasional burst of exposition. Also, it is mostly, y'know, crap. But taken in terms of the genre, this isn't too bad. A couple of beers, a couple of wisecracks and before you know it, the film's done.

Grade: C


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