Monday, May 28, 2007

Dr. Sex (1964)

Light, slightly dull sex comedy (with a huge helping of sexism) about a couple of psychiatrists who sit around and discuss their oddest patients. This being a nudie cutie, all of said patients have bizarre sexual hangups. The film peaks early with a strange tale about a pretty young thing being spied upon by an unknown peeper (whose identity is meant to be a sting-in-the-tail surprise but becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly); this segment garners some wonderful stupid laughs thanks to its overwrought narration, several superfluous close-ups of an oddly terrifying stuffed rabbit and the worst eye-pop effect on record. After a while, though, the lack of effort becomes numbing -- the girls are cute and well-developed, but there needs to be something else there before we can call this a proper movie and no amount of jiggling titties can stave off disinterest in a film that doesn't care whether it has an audience to watch it.

Grade: C


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