Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Good Morning... and Goodbye! (1967)

Typically seedy mid-period Russ Meyer body-swapper, with eleven losers (in the description of the opening narration) coupling and uncoupling at regular intervals, the flashpoint for all this being put-upon nebbish Burt (Meyer regular Stuart Lancaster) and his sexually ravenous wife Angel (Alaina Capri). The nudity is light in this one, but Jack Moran's script makes up for it by being fit to burst with nasty, quotable dialogue (i.e. Angel being referred to in the opening narration as "a lush cushion of evil perched on the throne of immorality"). The characters in this film use words as though they were spitting razorblades; Angel in particular provides an early example of the promiscuous, castigating bitch-goddess that would populate much of the Meyer that followed. Good Morning also includes the Meyer debut of Haji in the role of The Catalyst, a nature-bound nymph with magical powers that prefigures the naked sprinting Greek choruses played by Uschi Digard and Kitten Natividad. So it's not top Meyer, but it is an essential step in the development of the obsessive muse that would later lead to Up! and Vixen! Also, there's a scene where the Anvil Chorus is used to score the intertwining of rocks cascading at a quarry with two people getting their rocks off, which is one of the funniest things ever.

Grade: B


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