Thursday, March 01, 2007

Reno 911!: Miami (2007)

So, yeah. The creators of the very funny show "Reno 911" made a movie. They inflated the running time from an average episode's 25 minutes to a slim feature length of approximately 80 minutes; however, they forgot to fill up the extra hour with anything resembling a decent joke. The dry, loopy timbre of the scatology of the show is apparently a fragile thing, as it doesn't survive the change in aspect ratios, and we're instead left with obvious punchlines, endless riffing on the sexual identities of some of the cops, and Paul Rudd (in a rare terrible performance) doing a painfully unfunny Scarface spoof. There's a hilarious sequence centered around a topless beach and a dead whale, and there's a few scattered laughs beyond that. Plus, no film that features Patton Oswalt firing an Uzi can be all bad. But Lord, does this cheap, lazy film ever give it a shot.

Grade: C


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