Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hot Thrills and Warm Chills (1967)

The highlight of this film comes right in the opening scene, wherein majorly stacked lead actress Rita Alexander shimmies to a (non-diegetic) salsa soundtrack while balancing a champagne glass on her Russ Meyer-sized bosoms. Then the weak excuse for a plot begins and this reveals itself as incompetent, carelessly-made rot. The story lurches forward indiscriminately and incoherently, but that's a forgivable flaw considering the low low standards of the sexploitation genre -- it's to be expected when two-thirds of your running time is comprised of people pretending to fuck. The fatal weakness, then, is that the sex in this film is unforgivably dull. Director Dale Berry doesn't even give us the goodies in a couple scenes, choosing instead to shoot the sex as a long close-up on the faces of the two rutters. There's one odd scene that anticipates part of the infamous rape scene in Straw Dogs, but I'm not one to reward accidental foresight. So the sex sucks, the story is shit and the incidental details aren't crazy enough to compensate. Fuck this film in my opinion.

Grade: F


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