Monday, January 08, 2007

Feast (2006)

Ugly winged things show up in the middle of Texas and eat everything in this Project Greenlight winner-turned-unpretentious gore flick. Mostly crap, as you would expect from a film that was essentially made by committee in public, but every now and then it'll do something (like the scene where the little boy leaves the closet or the unexpected outcome of the attempted vehicle commandeering) that provokes a guffaw and a spike in interest; shame it's not actually as funny as it thinks it is, though. On the evidence here, John Gulager could be a fine director some day if he can cure himself of the addiction to shaky-cam. In particular, the makeup effects looked like they may have been excellent, I don't know -- they're nigh-well indistinguishable through the low light levels and smeary whip-pans. So yes, it's crap, but ya know what? There's a time and a place for appreciating nearly every film, and this one was made for getting tipsy on beer at 2 AM, all the better to enjoy things like former noveau-Emmanuelle Krista Allen shoving her whole fist down the gullet of a hungry mutant.

Grade: C


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