Friday, November 24, 2006

Tideland (2006)

Terry Gilliam's dark, terrifying sun-baked fairy tale -- a return to mind-blowing form after the windy noisemaker of The Brothers Grimm -- is a towering accomplishment of excess and mania. I need to see this again so I can fully wrap my head around it, and I'll have better, more interesting things to say about it when I do. Right now, though, about all I can say is I understand why most everybody hates this film, flummoxing and unpleasant as it is, but that doesn't make them any less wrong. I'll concede that it strays into questionable material during its last half-hour (questionable in its direction, not its content), and it can be too much often. But big deal -- Gilliam's firing on all cylinders, and the bleak beauty of the scene with the floating living room alone makes this worth watching. Jodelle Ferland: Performance of the Year.

Grade: B+


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