Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Illusionist (2006)

Handsomely mounted but completely blah dramatically. It's like watching a magician perform a trick where doves fly out of his sleeves and fireworks explode behind him while a bevy of women in one-piece bathing suits turn into lizards that cough up a dozen gold coins, each of which proceed to sing "Moon River" in Esperanto... and all of it leads up to "So is THIS your card?" All that effort expended on such a jejune and obvious tale seems like a waste. I can see how this ties into director Neil Burger's previous Interview with the Assassin, in that both films deal with trickery and that which is kept hidden, but where that was an intriguing run at the political-paranoia genre this is just another inert Indiewood bauble. Also: Jessica Biel, please stick to bad television shows and youth-oriented films where your lack of talent will not be so glaring, thanks muchly.

Grade: C


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