Thursday, September 07, 2006

Beerfest (2006)

In which the Broken Lizard guys shake off the misfire of Club Dread and find their way back to what they do best -- make cheerful, good-time comedies which are perfect to get drunk to. Goes on a bit longer than it rightfully should, due mainly to an unexpected turn of the plot that sidetracks the film before being deus-ex-machinaed out of relevance; that said, it's still more consistent than any film centered around drunk-guy humor has any right to be. Too, the expected vulgar jokes are often given a strange enough spin or show up at odd enough angles (I'm thinking in particular of the frog-masturbation sequence or practically anything involving Cloris Leachman's Great Gam Gam) that the crudity doesn't become tiresome. You probably have to be on these guys' wavelength to really get into it, but having consumed more than my share of malted hops in my days, they're speakin' my language. Besides, I can't dislike a film with a footwear-shaped drinking vessel named Das Boot (especially when Jurgen Prochnow is standing next to it).

Grade: B+


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