Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memento Mori (1999)

You know how the average J-horror film generally starts from a foundation of rational reality but splinters into incoherent creepiness in its third act? Yeah. So apparently these two geniuses in Korea decided that the rationality was a hindrance. With that in mind, they went ahead and made a film comprised of vengeful ghosts, nonsensical plotting, vague supernatural overtones, superfluous characters and teenage lesbianism. Despite that summation, the resulting film is not the coolest thing ever made. Rather, it's a wretched piece of shit. Even its soulmate in senselessness Ju-On is superior to it, since Takashi Shimizu at least exhibits a modicum of filmmaking talent. There's some cute chick-flick-type stuff early on (as well as a couple of bad laughs), but if I want cutesy-poo I'll watch a Meg Ryan movie and not a supposed Korean horror film. In case I'm not being clear enough: This movie sucks the semen from a dead horse's ass.

Grade: D+


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