Monday, May 29, 2006

I've received a spike in traffic recently because of two links. The disparity between these two sums up the diversity of the Internet:

Firstly, in the comments section of his recent post about Jean-Luc Godard's Every Man for Himself, popular (and extremely well-spoken... or is that well-written?) film blogger Girish was nice enough to mention that he'd found this site recently and enjoyed it. I expressed my appreciation on his site, and I'll do it again here. Thanks, dude! That was awesome.

And then there's the second link. There was a discussion on the Useless Junk message boards about favorite porn films. Someone cited Let My Puppets Come and, for whatever reason, linked to my review of it. Which seems counterproductive, as I consider that film one of the most unpleasant things I've been unfortunate enough to sit through, and I made my displeasure known. Um... thanks, I guess, Mr. Genitalien, whoever you are.

BTW, if I may... Let My Puppets Come is already the most popular review on this site. I get more Google hits on that than anything else I've written about in the four years I've been doing this. I guess I understand the fascination -- after all, I thought it sounded goofy enough to work. But it isn't. It's a horrible, horrible movie, one that makes me feel despondent about the potential of humanity. So all you curious porn fans out there... please, please, please stop looking for Let My Puppets Come. You DON'T want to see it. LET IT DIE.

-- The Mgmt.


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