Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

Well, there's a generous amount of nudity. Otherwise... wow, what crud. Released during the decline of first-wave slasher cinema when the MPAA was coming down hard on violent content, this was consequently cut pretty badly (check the IMDb to see just how drastically). The resulting film is bowdlerized junk, true, which leaves it with pretty much no reason to exist (a gore film with no gore? yecch!). But honestly, even uncut this film would stink like the Jersey shoreline. The chipper Angela of Part II has been replaced by an efficient-yet-sullen jokecracker. She's supposed to be in the Freddy Krueger vein, except Pamela Springsteen doesn't look like she's having any fun here (from the looks of her, I wouldn't be surprised if she did this film to support a smack habit), and the filmmakers' weak-kneed attempts to add a little pathos to the character don't help. It's also so '80s that it burns. There is, no kidding, a bit in this film where Angela raps. Ye gods. This film is an effective insomnia cure, but it isn't much else.

Grade: D


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