Thursday, January 26, 2006

Crawlspace (1986)

Landlord Klaus Kinski goes batty and terrorizes his tenants in this sicko psycho flick. (Kinski? Psycho? Who woulda figured?) Klaus is really the only reason to see this, as his creepy German countenance makes for a perfectly compelling slasher-movie villain, but overall it's not bad. Not only does it have a surprisingly low-key turn from Kinski (at least until the berserk climax, at which point he puts on makeup, watches footage of Hitler and shouts "Heil me!"), it's got the same slick production values and dark humor as Charles Band's other productions of this era (Re-Animator and From Beyond, for example). It's trash, but it's done with energy and panache; the inclusion of the Nazi material is a bit overtasteless, though.

Grade: C+


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