Sunday, December 04, 2005

Rize (2005)

S'alright, I guess. It's hampered mainly by the fact that it wants to be Paris is Burning so badly. It can't, though, because it stands outside and observes the subculture, thus missing the exhaustive submersion that characterized Jennie Livingston's film. Also, I think it's trying too hard to be a document of uplift and positivity to the extent that there don't seem to be any rough edges to ghetto life; sure, some people get shot every now and then, and maybe a couple houses get broken into, but as long as we can dance everything is fine! Still, the scenes where its participants perform for the camera (or for anyone who happens to be watching) are undeniably exhilarating, and despite my curmudgeonly kvetching it is pretty uplifting. Great, propulsive soundtrack, too.

Grade: B-


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