Thursday, August 18, 2005

Electric Dragon 80,000V (2002)

If Shinya Tsukamoto had room for fun within his artistic sensibilities, he might make films like this. This head-spinning burst of noisy lunacy from Sogo Ishii carries its Tetsuo influence like a stylish overcoat: the material is the same, but what's filling it out is different. The plot is hazy (something to do with a guy whose awakened reptile brain allows him to control electricity and play the guitar really loudly, and a guy in a half-Buddha mask who can also do the former), but it's not an issue as the point is to jam in as many cool visuals and goofy hyperbolic narrative florishes and loud jags of music as possible. (An appreciation for noise-punk goes a long way towards enjoying this film.) All this plus Tadanobu Asano too. It's delightful nonsense. What else do you need to hear?

Grade: B+


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