Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dead Meat (2004)

This film sucks. Now, I say that a lot, but I mean that this film REALLY sucks. Think about this: Not only is this a zombie film, but this is a film with the audacity to give us a zombie cow (a zombie cow!), and it's still pretty much worthless. Despite the herculean and much-appreciated attempts at rescue from The World's Coolest Irish Guy (his name is Eoin Whelan, and he's basically playing the same character he played in director Conor McMahon's similarly worthless short The Braineater, but after three minutes you'll know him by the previously mentioned sobriquet), this is utter crap only worth watching through an alcohol fog. Even the gore effects suck. Just fuck off already, Mr. McMahon. You're not funny.

Grade: D+


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