Friday, August 05, 2005

Bad News Bears (2005)

I must admit that I haven't seen the original, but who cares. What we have here is a likeably vulgar mid-summer bit of escapism. As demonstrated earlier with School of Rock, Richard Linklater's laid-back attitude is perfect for this kind of crowd-pleasing comedy. (I don't get his apparent vendetta against the word "The", though.) Rather than turn the vulgarity into tiresome hard-sell aggression, he leans back and lets it develop. Billy Bob Thornton is excellent in the lead as a kind of lighter-hearted Wille Soke, and his screenwriting friends from Bad Santa are here to help out as well. Ficarra & Requa are slowly becoming invaluable -- they're poets of crudity. Was this film really needed? Probably not. Is it still a lot of fun anyway? You betcha.

Grade: B+


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