Sunday, December 14, 2003

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)

It always happens. Just when I'm starting to feel like I'm overly nitpicky and analytical, along comes a film that lets me know that yes, Virginia, I still know how to have fun at the movies. A lot of people were probably scared off from this film by memories of the horrid Space Jam (I know I was initially). More's the shame -- this here's a vigorous, knockabout tribute to the great Warners Bros. cartoons of yesteryear engineered by director Joe Dante, probably the single biggest fan of the Looney Tunes in Hollywood today. And much like those classic 'toons, the pace starts with a jolt and never lets up. You'd think that'd be wearying over 90 minutes, but it's not -- invention and inspiration are tossed out at such a prodigious rate that the film never gets a chance to feel old. Comes replete with the usual complement of Dante in-jokes and cameos, too (the Area 52 scene is an absolute riot and a treat for fans of '50s sci-fi). I hereby nominate this for 2003's funniest film. The only depressing thing about this hugely entertaining movie is its undeserved failure at the box office.

Grade: A-


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