Sunday, December 07, 2003

Hulk (2003)

Ambitious and thoughtful attempt at doing "something different" with the superhero genre doesn't quite come off like it should thanks to overlength and a slew of bad dialogue. Ang Lee's energetic direction helps hold interest as well as offsetting the dour mood. (Admittedly, though, this isn't an X-Men type scenario -- dour is pretty much the only way to go. I mean, the main character's superpower is to get big, brainless and destructive when he gets pissed. That's not a superpower, that's a curse). Still, the screenplay is more crap than anything, with an especially insulting sequel-ready coda (doubly so because, if I understand the ending correctly, there's no damn way there should be any room for a sequel). Has its moments, though (the scene with the misfired grenade launcher is pretty funny).

Grade: C+


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