Tuesday, December 16, 2003

How to Deal (2003)

How did this tone-deaf teen drama get as many positive reviews as it did? The film is a tonal nightmare; it tries for a melding of angst, farce and whimsy but only creates an inedible cinema goulash. And pardon me if I'm not sold on the concept of Mandy Moore, Actress... but I'm not. God bless her, she tries, but she's just an inexpressive lump. Alison Janney, thankfully, is an oasis of quality in this wasteland of junk -- the scenes between her and the invaluable Dylan Baker were enough to make me wish the film had been about them instead. Melodramatic and ridiculous crap, in short; if this is a good example of teen-oriented cinema, I'm glad I usually skip the bad ones.

Grade: D


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