Sunday, October 05, 2003

Crazy as Hell (2002)

I did not know before renting this that Sinbad was in the cast. That should have been a warning sign to stay far, far away from this stupid would-be psychothriller replete with thudding symbolism (the power struggle between Michael Beach's unconventional doctor and Ronny Cox's psych-ward head is represented by... wait for it... a chess set!) and obvious plotting (I had the film more or less completely mapped out by the forty-minute mark). Eriq LaSalle's grotesque performance probably should have been reined in a little by the director, except that Eriq LaSalle was also the director. Besides, I guess LaSalle felt he had to make up for his inability to coax anything lively out of his other actors. John C. McGinley, in particular, gives the worst performance of his career.

Grade: D


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