Sunday, September 28, 2003

Stardust Memories (1980)

Is it an act of self-indulgence or a slashing satire of self-indulgence? Both, probably. Anyway, complaining about Woody Allen being self-indulgent is like complaining about kittens being overly fluffy -- the supposed problematic element is more or less the charm that keeps you coming back. Woody's universe has always been very Woody-centric. Bitching about his making a movie that focuses on his problems is thickheaded. Besides, the constant adulation that's heaped upon Woody's character is tempered by the depiction of said character as a less-than-stellar human being. (The self-dissection here lays the groundwork for the savage Deconstructing Harry, which would be called character assassination had anyone besides Woody made it.) Plus, ya know, it's pretty freakin' funny.

Grade: B+


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