Wednesday, September 18, 2002

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1994)

In Hong Kong, their rating system is three-tiered, with Category III being essentially their NC-17. HK cinema doesn't turn out many of these for probably the same reason there aren't many NC-17 films -- not that terribly profitable. Rest assured, though, that if a Cat III should fall into your hands, it's gonna be seriously fucked up.

This film is Category III. And sweet Jesus, it's berserk. It's essentially Sex and Zen all over again, except that in addition to being perverse this film is also criminally insane. Just for starters, there's more genital damage than you can shake a penis at. I mean, the plot of the film hinges on the murder of the main character's husband via an overdose of aphrodisiac which caused his penis to explode... and yes, we get to see it. So yeah, it's extreme shit. But it's also kinda entertaining. It knows where the line between sick and revolting is and toes it without jumping over. (The sympathetic main characters help.) And it's got one hilarious, jaw-droppingly awesome sequence involving two kung-fu combatants -- imagine Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as a porn film and you'll get the idea. Not for all tastes, but worth a look for sickos like me.

Grade: B-